To ask a burning question we have about communication design based on our experiences through our workshops. To use a combination of objects and materials to create the letterforms that relates to the question asked. 

Reflection noted below.


I wanted my question to invoke the animal instinct that we carry within us when we design. Which lead me to a variety of thoughts, for example are we the designer or the designed? What drives us to design and why do we have these desires? This sparked my question ‘What is The Heart of Design?’. This question allowed me to broaden the notion of design and what the ‘heart’ means to the designer, whether this is the physical heart of the designer or the emotions we feel.

I took a literal approach to this project, thinking of the heart and the drive that it also gives us. Which intrigued me to use raw meat as the main source of material. I also chose this controversial medium to reflect the core of who we are as humans because it is the substance that molds us.